Welcome to PitStop. We are a bicycle repair shop in an awesome neighbourhood in an absolutely beautiful city and we’re stoked to be here! We like to make all sorts of bikes ride real smooth! We are a young family that got inspired last winter and decided to shake things up a bit. Guillermo is a bike whiz, I’m just an enthusiast, and Mateo is a daredevil on that thing! We fully appreciate the good things in life – friends and family, the beach, and bike rides of course!

The idea with PitStop was to create a place where anyone who rides a bike can get the service and stuff they need to get back in the bike lane. On a personal note, we wanted to challenge ourselves and work on something that we can feel good about. It’s inspiring to see so many people riding on a daily basis – we are super excited to be a part of the bike culture in Victoria, which seems to be on the rise! Let’s go ride bikes!

Guillermo, Audrey, and Mateo 🙂

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